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About Triangle Champions

Triangle Champions Track & Field Club is a 501(c) 3 volunteer organization operated by a Board of Directors comprised of civic and religious leaders from throughout the Triangle area.  We are members of the North Carolina Association of the USA Track and Field organization (USATF).  Triangle Champions provides the opportunity for youth track athletes from ages 5 through 18 with various skill levels to train and compete in USATF track events, as well as AAU track events, at the state, regional and national levels.



Our Mission:

Our objective is to build a strong and positive self-image in each participating athlete, teaching them to respect themselves and others, while preparing them to become champions in life and in competition.


The Family Approach:

TCTC is not just a track and field organization. We believe that building a strong partnership between athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers and sponsors is critical to our success. These groups combine to make up "The Family".


When and where are practices?

Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays

Riverside High School



What age groups can participate with TCTC?

Our program accommodates youth from ages 5 - 18


Are practices mandatory?

Each practice is fundamentally important. We would like the athlete to attend as many practices as possible; however, we understand that extenuating circumstances may occur. If the athlete needs to miss a practice for any reason, the coaches can give them a workout so they can practice on their own. The harder the athlete works in practice, and on his or her own outside of practice, the better they will perform in meets.


How will practices look?

Early season begins with conditioning workouts.  Each practice will start with warm-ups, drills, and then event specific workouts. Although our program is competitive, we will accommodate the different age groups and experience levels. We desire for this to be a fun experience for all participants, so we will be creative in making practice enjoyable; however, we will challenge our athletes to push themselves to do things they may have never done before.


Triangle Champions Track Club Motto!

"Fight the Good Fight!"

"Finish the Race!"

"Keep the Faith!"

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